Broker Dashboards – Bringing data to the forefront

Powerful real-time dashboards built to focus agents and improve key business metrics


Real-time dashboards for data-driven real estate offices.

Agent Leaderboards

Motivate, recognize, and engage your agents with live, interactive data, leaderboards. It’s no coincidence that when everyone strives to outscore their teammates, both friendly competition and sales go through the roof.

Key Business Metrics

KPIs and Metrics give your team a key advantage when it comes to meeting sales goals and outsmarting the competition. All of our dashboards are pre-loaded with the most important revenue drivers to allow you to monitor progress vs goals in real-time.

Year on Year Comparisons

With the upcoming market shift, increasingly we are tasked with trying to do more with less. Getting more out of business data is one of the coping strategies being employed to extract better information from the terabytes of data flowing through the average real estate office.

Market Share Analyses

Monitor your office’s share of real estate transactions within a specific target market. Show your agents and clients a competitive overview of your target market and why they should choose you.

Beta testing and development spearheaded with Keller Williams Dallas Preston Road

Why you will love it

All of your data in one simple, beautiful place.
Bring clarity to your data

In all busy real estate offices we are constantly surrounded by numbers. We may live in the 21st century but most reporting is still dominated by ad-hoc spreadsheets and paper based materials. If that sounds like your office then Realboard is here to help.

Realboard is designed to provide clarity and allow easy dissemination of key real estate brokerage information in a simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand format.

Gone are the days when only a select few gatekeepers had access to key performance data. Realboard keeps you, your agents and clients informed, and your company moving forward.

Promoting a wider understanding of key metrics and trends has many benefits from empowerment, friendly competition through to creating actionable insights. We highlight short-term market movements with longer term trends to help guide teams and make the results of their efforts visible to everyone.

  • Built in the Amazon Cloud

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